Our Brand Promise

Biblical Worldview

We believe that educational products should be biblically based.

Most Christian educators agree that the Bible should be central to Christian education. However, Christian educators often struggle to show students how the Bible is relevant to the subjects they teach. As a result, many decide to push the Bible to the margin of the educational experience.

We shape each subject according to the lens of Scripture. Each discipline takes on new meaning when we apply the themes of Creation, Fall, and Redemption.

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Academic Excellence

Our educational materials are not just biblically faithful—they are also academically sound. Our materials use hands-on-learning, creative problem solving, and other research-proven instructional strategies to motivate students to take an active role in learning and to master age-appropriate material.

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Technology Solutions

Teachers and parents are looking for innovative ways to engage students in learning. At BJU Press, we offer technology enhancements for teachers and students to use daily in their classrooms and on the go.

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