Over the Years


We are thankful for university professors George Mulfinger and Emmett Williams, who wrote an academically rigorous and biblically accurate science textbook published by the University Press. The success of that book ultimately launched Bob Jones University Press and our mission to publish biblical worldview textbooks.


Our resources started reaching the homeschool communities and we opened Testing and Evaluation with a variety of standardized tests. We also released our first youth novel, Jenny Wren, under the imprint Books for Young Readers, which was later rebranded as Journey Books and then finally as JourneyForth.


The introduction of our new web press increased our printing by more than 1,000% and our support for homeschoolers grew as we opened The Academy of Home Educators. However, printing wasn’t our only big push in the 90s. The era called for us to launch our first digital learning through a satellite broadcast system that delivered real-time classes to Christian schools. Soon after, we expanded our digital offering to homeschool families.

The end of the decade brought a surge in demand for Christian educational materials, so we built a warehouse to help us better meet educators’ needs.


With the world moving more digital every day, we converted our video recording studios from tape to digital recording equipment and ventured into online streaming with Distance Learning Online for the homeschool market. By 2012, we widened our digital footprint by adding Teacher Tools Online and Christian Classroom Online to our product lineup for the Christian school market. A year later, we released our first student edition eTextbooks and produced an entire class in HD for the first time. By the end of 2019, we had four recording studios and a new digital press, which allowed us to print on demand for the first time.


And Beyond

Nearly 50 years later, we released the 6th edition of our original textbook, Physical Science. With the homeschool community growing post-COVID, we launched BJU Press Homeschool Hub™, a platform that streamlines learning management with digital tools, easily and seamlessly integrating with BJU Press materials. We also installed the PageWide digital press, increasing our production speed an additional 300%.